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Check out this chat Kate Olson and I had on Worry... Stop Worrying! The effects of worrying on our health have been well researched and documented and, quite frankly, most of us have felt the effects personally. Worrying and the subsequent stress on our mind, body and spirit is not good for us and accomplishes nothing. Why do we do it then and wouldn't it be great if we could stop? That is the problem, it is a well-established habit and most of us have a hard change this unproductive behavior and finding a replacement that works better. It is possible though and just takes desire and practice.

This soul talk focuses on a common habit that causes stress for many people and can lead to serious health problems, while basically wasting our valuable time and energy. Listen as Christine Schader, Happiness Coach & Cerified Financial Planner, and I talk about worry, why we do it and how we can stop doing it and put our energy to better use.