SoulTuned Sister Tribe - Advanced Mastermind Group


This heart-centered Women’s Advanced Mastermind Group is all about: Living a Miraculous Life ...Exceptional Living with Purpose and Passion.

This community will be about rising up and experiencing an extraordinary life and intentional living while striving for authenticity over perfection. Our group will be for remarkable and successful women who have previous studies in self-development and are ready to up-level with the help, encouragement, and expertise of other successful ladies who thrive and flourish with accountability and in an inspirational setting.

This is for those who want more clarity and encouragement to go to the next level which is always more about heart than business. This progressive and proactive group will be one that is committed to love, happiness, excellence, accountability, compassion, and supporting and inspiring each other to SHINE!

We will explore the science behind happiness/well-being/success and more importantly how to apply that science to achieve our goals, dreams and desires. The focus will be on having abundant health, wealth, happiness, well-being and loving relationships. We will do the Soul Work by identifying what truly makes our Soul Sing.

There will be a commitment of both time (sharing your brilliance) and finances (for activities, retreats, food/drink, books, dues, etc.), so this is not for the novice. 

The vision is that we will build incredible friendships while holding each other accountable, sharing our brilliance, helping each other grow in all areas of our lives, and explore the latest and greatest in self growth by having weekly or bi-weekly group accountability sessions (phone coaching sessions), and holding/attending day or weekend retreats every other month or so (2-3 per year) in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Our retreats will include self-development, social and creative activities that will help us expand, stretch and live the greatest versions of ourselves as possible. 

If you are prepared to be empowered and to inspire others, to elevate your life, living a bold life by design instead of default, willing to be open and vulnerable, to show up, do the work, have the heart, time and commitment to make a difference in your life and others then this Soul Posse is for you. 


Please contact me and answer the following questions:

  1. Name/Address/Phone/Email/DOB:

  2. Profession- How Long in Business?

  3. Favorite Self Development Programs/Books/Workshops? 

  4. What is your Brilliance?

  5. How do you share that Brilliance (and are you willing to share your expertise with other members in the group)?

  6. What are your successes? 

  7. Who is your typical client? 

  8. What are your strengths? 

  9. How are you involved in your community? 

  10. Why do you want to join this group, what are you hoping to gain? 

  11. How do you feel best supported? 

  12. What are you passionate about? What makes you feel alive? 

  13. Where are you adding value? 

  14. Hobbies/Interests? 

  15. What else should we know about you? 


I’m looking forward to spending time with you!